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SignUp With Metamask & TrustWallet

VTC VIGOR has supported only Metamask,Trustwallet Dapp & Any browser where metamask extention has installed already. Other Dapps using will be integrated asap. It is totally Web3 based curriculum.

About Us

Welcome To The World’s First 100% Distribution, Tranparent & Decentralized Most powerful Digital Platform VTC VIGOR. It is based on Vigor Chain (VRC20) Blockchain Network Technology and provides you a wonderful community to bright your future.

Connect to every
corner of the world

At VTC VIGOR, we're breaking down barriers and creating a global VTC blockchain technology networking platform that's accessible to everyone, no matter where you are. Our mission is to connect you to every corner of the world, empowering you to participate in the exciting world of blockchain networking with ease.

Why We Are The Best ?

At VTC VIGOR, we stand at the forefront of the digital revolution, It is 100% Decentralized. 100% Distribution & 100% Transparent Blockchain Networking Platform. Our commitment to innovation, security, and user experience sets us apart as the ultimate choice for all your VTC Blockchain Network Platform needs..

Signup System Income

Here in the first level you will get 40% = 0.40 VTC income and you can easily make a team of only 4 people and in 16 levels you can earn a minimum total of 373281.56 VTC without any condition.

Smart Matrix Income

If Smart Matrix level 1 is joined, a total of 131072 VTC in total 16 levels will automatically generate income in your wallet. Each level will be automatically updated only once after joining.

Pool Ticketing Income

From 12 types of ticket, you join only 1 time in each level you will get 1x10 profit from 12 levels. Auto draw and 100% distribution after buying 100 tickets in each level. Unlimited tickets available

Team ORG Income

You can easily earn a total of 98294 VTC from 16 levels by joining only once. Each level will count globally with auto upgrade and there is a recycle system for free users.

Giveaway Income

Through giveaway income, VTC VIGOR will ensure free income for every user in the world. 10% of what the company earns from referral income will be given giveaway each month.

Vigor Network App

Vigor Coin is the native currency of Vigor Chain. Everyone can collect Vigor Coin (VTC) from mining from VT Network App

Our Leading, Strong and Creative teams

Peter Hans
Owner - Founder
Sachsen, Germany
Luis Lukas
CEO - Founder
Berlin, Germany
Daniel Martin
Blockchain - Developer
Frunkfrut, Germany
Abey Noble
Front-Backend - Developer
Newyork, USA